Lane Merrifield, better known by his penguin's name, Billybob, is a well-known former Club Penguin moderator who often posted news on the official Club Penguin blog. He worked with rsnail, Dave Krysko, and Screenhog to create Club Penguin. Some think that Lane Merrifield is rsnail's name, and that Billybob was the founder of Club Penguin. His catchphrase is "Waddle On!", as seen on almost all of his blog posts. When on Club Penguin, he was often found wearing the Green Letterman Jacket and the Green Ball Cap or Red Ball Cap

Life/early careerEdit

He was raised in Silicon Valley, located in California. Before working for Club Penguin, he used to work at Disneyland. This may have been a factor when Disney bought Club Penguin.

Leaving Club PenguinEdit

In October 2012 Billybob announced he would soon be leaving Club Penguin.


According the first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine, Billybob owns several puffles, named:


  • Billybob worked at Disneyland before he starting working for Club Penguin.
  • Billybob and Happy77 are the only Club Penguin staff members to publicly announce his or her departure from the game on the What's New Blog.
  • Billybob officially left Club Penguin on February 1, 2013.
  • It was Billybob who created the now famous "Waddle On!" catch phrase.
  • Billybob made his first blog on the What's New Blog on September 27, 2005.