Gizmo is a former moderator and employee in Club Penguin. Many people thought Gizmo's real name was Dave Krysko, but this was proved wrong when Screenhog confirmed that Dave Krysko is NOT Gizmo. He was in charge of the parties, parades, and fun events around Club Penguin. Gizmo joined the Club Penguin team on December 29, 2005. His test account is "Vader2006," this is understandable, as "Gizmo" is an Ultimate Safe Chat penguin, like all moderators, while "Vader2006" isn't.

Gizmo was the most active out of all Moderators. He was a Level 4 member and is usually seen with the Soccer Ball Pin. Gizmo also shared the account "Freesing" with Screenhog.

Job in Club PenguinEdit

Nathan Sawatzky was the Director of Community Support at Club Penguin from 2005 to 2007:

"As the 3rd employee hired to work on Club Penguin, built a customer support and online safety (moderation) team from the ground up, creating training and developing structure which would eventually lead to a global team recognized for providing world class support and industry leading online safety for children in a very fast growing company. Managed operations in a dynamic and quickly changing environment while ensuring company stayed focused on providing support to community of players:"

• Built industry leading support and moderation department from ground up with a multimillion dollar budget and year over year growth of over 200%.

• Developed robust training program which allowed for quick, thorough training to frequent new hires.

• Built out structure and process which allowed for rapid grown (50 people hired in 4 months with no previous infrastructure.

• Remained focused during rapid growth.

Source: LinkedIn


  • When searching for Gizmo in the new Buddy List, there is no message that say you can meet him while he's online, it is very likely because he quit Club Penguin.
  • Vader2006 was under hacking attacks, so Gizmo left that account.