Rsnail (real name Lance Priebe) was a well-known moderator on Club Penguin. Along with Billybob, he is the founder of Club Penguin. Rsnail is also the founder of Rocketsnail Games, which consisted of games that he created with the help of the Rocketsnail Games team. Priebe also has a Flickr page. The most popular game of his site was Penguin Chat 3, which is what Club Penguin is based on. Rsnail used to post frequently on the Club Penguin blog during the Beta Testing. When he was still working for Club Penguin, he used to post occasionally, but now Billybob does the majority of the posts.

He was the only player known to have a lowercase letter at the start of his name, while everyone else who had a lowercase letter at the start of their name, but it was automatically changed to an uppercase letter after Club Penguin was updated. Rsnail's name is a contraction of Rocketsnail. 

Leaving Club PenguinEdit

As of October 2010, he no longer works for Club Penguin.


  • Rsnail's penguin name had a lower-case R. Unlike all the others, his name was not converted to a capital after one of Club Penguins updates. After he logged in for the 7th Anniversary Party, his name was changed to Rsnail, with a capital R.
  • Rsnail's test penguin "Nickname1" holds the status of banned forever, even though it is not always banned. This is because all moderators unban their penguins before logging in, then re-ban them after logging off. This is to prevent penguins from getting in.
  • Nickname1, Nickname2, Nickname3, and Nickname4 are all test penguins of Rsnail
  • His test penguin on Penguin Chat 3 was "Testsnail".
  • Rsnail's goal was to create a game with Pirates, Spies and Ninjas which he all put in Club Penguin.
  • He confirmed Club Penguin was Penguin Chat 4, to sort out confusion about Penguin Chat 4.