Screenhog was a well known moderator. Screenhog (the penguin) has all the items in Club Penguin. Screenhog also does not enjoy crowds much. Screenhog's real name is Chris Hendricks. He is the graphic designer of Club Penguin. He was shown on the old Developer Blog working on a computer. His site is here. account[1]. On April 1, 2011, he announced that he left Club Penguin in October 2010 [1]. Later on, he soon joined rsnail to help him in


Screenhog interview, posted on the official Club Penguin Blog on February 14, 2008:

What's your favorite outfit to wear in Club Penguin?

  • Screenhog: I change outfits too much to have a favorite one. But I really like the musical instruments and the hard hat !

What's your favorite activity in Club Penguin?

Can other penguins meet you online?

  • Screenhog: I'm usually playing mini-games when I go online, but if you do run into me, I'd be happy to meet you.

Screenhog's Best ExperiencesEdit

Penguin Chat 3Edit

Screenhog mentioned his Twitter account his best experience in Penguin Chat 3, here.

Club PenguinEdit

Screenhog mentioned his Twitter account his best experience in Club Penguin, here.

Here is the conservation:

Screenhog reply was:


  • Screenhog was Club Penguin's first artist.
  • There has been a big controversy over if Freesing is Screenhog. Screenhog (on his Twitter) has said that Freesing is not his test penguin.
  • His old E-mail address was
  • His Club Penguin account was hacked by one person, so he called Club Penguin for his accounts to be locked - when a player tries logging in, it will say 'Banned Forever'.
  • Once asked how he felt after leving Club Penguin, he replied: "Leaving was hard, but it was the right decision. I'm glad that I made the change when I did.
  • Screenhog mentioned how to activate and control the Snow Cats, here.
  • Screenhog left Club Penguin October 29, 2010.
  • Screenhog made his first post on the What's New Blog on February 19, 2008.

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