The logo (Note: The real tree beside the lighthouse)

The Storm of Club Penguin is a fanmade show.


A penguin named "Roger" was waddling around the whole island but suddenly when he came to the lighthouse. He saw a Storm on the Telescope on the Beacon. He quickly called his friends named "Dave" and "Maria". Roger was explaining a plan to survive the storm on Dave's Igloo. He met 2,000 poor penguins asking for help. When he saw a mysterious polar bear named Herbert. Roger was asking for help but Herbert denied.  Roger didn't know Herbert was evil. When Dave looked at the telescope on the Beacon. The Storm Cloud gets closer and closer until it reaches the beach. While Roger was thinking. Roger got an idea. He said to grab on the Hydro Hopper Boat to Rockhopper Island. But when the boat arrived to Rockhopper Island. Roger,Dave and Maria was surprised that Rockhopper Island got destroyed. The only survivors are some wild animals. The 3 penguins tried to escape but they can't! Because the boat is ate by a VERY VERY wild shark. The 3 penguins jumped iceberg to iceberg until Club Penguin Island. But when they came back. The storm is actually gone! Then they ended up happily ever after.


  • Herbert is the only character that only has 1 line.
  • The lightning on the logo is striking the water for no reason.
  • It is based on the Great Storm of 2010. A party on Club Penguin.